Half Moon Bay Salmon and Dungeness crab sold off the Boat!

Captain Barry Day, of F/V Rosella, your source for fresh Dungeness crabAhoy!

F/V Rosella sells seasonal live local salmon and Dungeness crab off the boat!

Due to uncertainty of the weather and marine conditions, dock-side sales are periodic and should be confirmed by texting to Barry at 707. 208-1706.


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Barry Day operates F/V Rosella. A beautiful old lady-a classic wooden fishing boat designed by H.C. Hanson that has been well loved for over half a century. Today, Rosella is outfitted for Dungeness crab fishing (commercial crabbing video link). He fish year-round: salmon from early summer and tuna into the fall. I take great pride in fishing locally and selling off the dock to customers that appreciate the highest quality seafood at affordable prices. Customers come from the areas surrounding Half Moon Bay to buy directly from the boat.

F/V Rosella, our Dungeness crab and salmon boatRosella is shaped and smells like a fish. I know that sounds silly to landlubbers — but it’s true. The shape and material of the hull and the sound the motor makes in the water can scare the fish off. My old wooden boat is very fish friendly. Click here to locate her at Pillar Harbor–slip G-6. She’s a beauty. I’ll sell you the best fish and Dungeness crab you’ve ever eaten, for less than you’ll pay in the store.

Kiwi Barry and his former seafaring gal, the Fjord Queen II, were featured in many Half Moon Bay Review articles, including coverage of her final voyage. In chronological order:

Therese Ambrosi Smith is Kiwi Barry’s Mate, Author of “Wax” and business entrepreneur of Half Moon Bay’s Highway 92 Succulents.

Beautiful salmon fresh off the boat











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